November 9, 2010

more wonder than I imagined ...

Well, I've been missing from the blog for a long while, but for good reason! On October 14, 2010 I gave birth to a little girl ... Norah! She is the most amazing little person and I am in awe that she is ours. Motherhood is truly something, and I am reminded of a post I read from an Australian blogger mom that said this about it, "Six billion people on the planet have been born like this, but it still seems like magic to me." And that is so true!

Even in the middle of the night, when she is crying out - I am in awe of how she came into our lives and how it feels to hold her after waiting for 9 months in anticipation of her arrival. I love how at 7 weeks old now, she fits perfectly into my arms. I kiss her little cheeks and smell that soft, sweet baby scent and feel her warmth against me ... she is beautiful. A little more wonder in my life, perhaps? Or maybe a little more wonderful.

image courtesy of mjt photography