April 25, 2011

easter reflections

Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend, friends! We had a great time at two weddings (hubby and daughter went to one, I went to the other) on Saturday and then took off for a night and a day at the beach house! Some sweet family friends offered it, so we took them up on the generous gift. Though it was very very windy at the coast, it was still beautiful.

So beautiful that I got up to take it all in! If you know me, I'm a woman who loves her sleep ... but even so I found myself wanting to sit by the waves even in the early morning hours. So while everyone else was asleep, I snuck out to the beach and sat on a driftwood log to enjoy the waves and gulls in the foggy gray. It was a perfect way to think on and reflect on the true meaning behind Easter. Not all the eggs and bunnies, but of Christ's love for us. As a new mom, I feel like I have a better understanding of the sacrificial and pure love that God has for us, at least in a small way. Each night before I put Norah to bed, I look down at her in my arms and I am overcome by love. It's nothing like I've ever known. All my life I've chosen to love others -- my husband, my friends, even my family. It is a conscious decision to love them. But when I look at her, something just stirs within me when I see the child that I've carried inside and given birth to. She is someone that I immediately loved and had no choice about loving. The love I have for her just IS. It is full and deep and hits me right at the core of my heart. When they placed her on my chest after she took her first breath, I was moved straight to tears. I could not hold them back, and from that moment on, she was the most precious thing to me.

So I can't even wrap my mind around how much God loves us! Or that He would give His Son! It is overwhelming. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you.

April 20, 2011


I've been a big fan of photographer Jamie Beck since discovering her beautiful tumblr blog, From Me to You over a year ago. Recently she started creating these photo + video combinations that she calls cinemagraphs, which are totally awesome animated gifs. But about 200 times better. Remember those horribly garish ones from the 90's? Yeah, these are not like those at all.

They are still photographs with objects or subjects that subtly move and give way to a moment in time. It is super brilliant and so interesting. I think it's innovative and I wonder if other photographers are going to pick up on it! See the collection of cinemagraphs here, and read an interview with Jamie and her fiance Kevin about the concept here. Beware, it does take a little time to load the gifs, but it is very worth it. And some of them will creep you out, they are so real.

Here are two of my favorites (look at her skirt in the second one!).

April 19, 2011

a little soundtrack: april chase

My friend mentors a band called April Chase and they just released their new EP, Still Breathing. Consisting of young students from my alma mater, this alternative pop rock band has some infectious melodies and a great female lead singer. I love her indie style and her voice, which sometimes reminds me of a younger Gwen Stefani with a cleaner edge.

One of my favorite songs is Time Won't Tell, which is especially wonderful as an acoustic number. Check out this fantastic music video shot by some talented buddies over at The Mighty Fifty. I love music Tuesdays. Stream their entire EP here.

April 18, 2011

martha stewart spring ipad videos

Erin Jang is so talented! For her art director position at Martha Stewart Living she has been coming up with these short and crafty iPad videos that are very inspiring. Whether it's stop motion origami, disappearing chocolates, or swirly and colorful soap suds, it's neat to see a lighter side to Martha. And the music selection is pretty great too.

April 1, 2011

friday photo: hot hot hot!

It's been so hot lately ... it was just 80 degrees today! No complaints here, we are breaking out the shorts and flip flops with glee! This photo was taken last summer during a trip to Seattle to visit our cousins (good times!), and the heading is quite appropriate. Note the preggo belly as well.

Well, we're headed off to farmer's market tomorrow, have fun playing wherever you are!