September 29, 2009

hambly screenprints

Last year after visiting the Maker Faire, I discovered a great scrapbook and sticker company, Hambly Screen Prints, that just happens to be local. I was fortunate enough to take a tour of the studio when I went to pick up some papers and rub-on transfers that I ordered - from Mr. Harry Hambly himself! His excitement and stories about the history of Hambly Screen Prints was a great reminder of how we need to take little steps toward creativity sometimes. And how we need inspiration from other sources and other people to grow. Most of Hambly's original screen print designs now come from Allison Kreft, who brings a fresh perspective to the established company. Here is one of my favorite new designs for the season - elephants! And yes, that paper is metallic orange with a fuchsia print!
In addition to fabulous scrapbook papers, Hambly also has rub-on transfers like the ones above, in sweet doily lace patterns and modern colors. Just beautiful! Allison posted a tutorial on the Hambly blog on how to use the transfers to make canvas art. Fast, easy and hardly any clean up! Awesomeness.

a little soundtrack: sweet song

This cute songstress from Norway has a unique name and uniquely cute music video. I love all the bright pops of color amidst the black and white, and the fun signs throughout. Catchy and fun, gotta love those random hits on Youtube sometimes. :)

September 20, 2009

shoe love

A little while ago I got these fun gladiator sandals from Piperlime - a friend calls them my "Jesus sandals" which is fine by me. They're fun and comfy! And since it's still pretty warm around here, so these babies are going to stick around for the anticipated heat wave next week. Stay cool!

look up to the sky

Many times on my way home from work, or while on a walk with the dog, I'll look up at the sky, take a photo, and just marvel at it. I've seen some pretty beautiful skies/sunsets in the past few months, and it is a great reminder that sometimes we need to stop and take a minute to appreciate the creation all around us, and the Creator that made it. The setting sun, the colors, the expanse, and the cloud formations! Wow, just wow. Check it out.

One side note though, I need to be really careful, because sometimes I snap these photos while I'm driving. Oops.

September 10, 2009

a little soundtrack: well, sorta

This past weekend was fun, we went to a Labor Day BBQ and spent time with friends. I totally forgot to document it, so it's one of those times when all you have is your memory to prove that the fun happened. Then this week was busy upon busy, and now it's practically over again. Odd.

I woke up feeling not so good today, not sure what it is, but I saw this video and it really lifted me up. It's been around the blogosphere for a bit, but even if you've seen it, it wouldn't hurt to see it again. Click on it to see it large, and then go for the HD and full screen. Then sit back and just marvel. My favorites are the rays - like angels flying through the water. It's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It stopped me in my tracks for the whole 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Yes, good soundtrack too - by Seattle band, Barcelona. Gives the song a whole new meaning.

September 4, 2009

friday photo: happy wonderful friday

This weekend is a long one, that's always nice. This photo is just what I want to be doing. :) Have a great one!
photo taken by zoom photography

September 3, 2009

japanese inspiration

Fun fun fun - the last two days the hubs and I have been on a mission - to find journals for his Sunday School class for church. We wanted something affordable, portable (about Bible-sized) and cool. So where did we go? Daiso, of course! The store where you can find anything and everything under the sun. Lots of little things, tons of cutesy things, but loads of treasures to be had! Lucky for us there are two that are nearby, so we hit both to find what we needed. I purchased one beautiful pink textured rice bowl as a catch-all for my nightstand, some gray felt (for a future project), and then exercised restraint! But I was still inspired by quite a few goodies, see some ideas below.

Take a look at those wavy white bowls they'd be great to hold jewelry, serve a lovely dessert (a custard perhaps?), or even as a candle holder. And the two graphic notebooks with screen printed stripes on kraft paper? Awww yeah, talk about happy note taking! Almost couldn't hold myself together on those guys, but I reminded myself that I have more than enough (free real estate) notepads at home. A few other great ideas struck me as I was browsing, so I jotted them down in my notebook:

Lace paper doilies (10 pack) - would be neat at a table setting on individual plates, or used on a canvas with decoupage and paint for a one-of-a-kind art piece

Pearlized wrapping paper in pastel shades - wrapping glam gifts for a wedding or shower or lining clothing drawers

Tiny glass jars with cork stoppers - curio jars filled with collections of buttons, beads, sand, or used to store q-tips or cotton balls for the bathroom, mini terrariums

White gingham patterned cellophane muffin cups (a mouthful!) (4 pack) - serve muffins for a sweet brunch in individual servings, fill with cherries and place in a cello bag for favors (tie with jute string)

Thin canvas board and paints - express yourself and go wild, make yourself an art piece for home on the cheap

And the best part about all this goodness? Most everything mentioned is a mere $1.50! Sweet! You gotta love the Japanese. And yes, we did find some cool journals for the hubba.