March 17, 2011

designing away

Okay, I'm totally behind on blogging, but I'm going to do my best to keep it up -- at least weekly! Lots has been going on lately ... mostly by way of design projects that have been cropping up. I've had at least 1-2 a week! Exciting.

A baby shower invitation and decorations for the event, a wedding invitation, a t-shirt design for our church youth group, and the cover of a songbook! Fun fun fun. I can't show all of the designs here yet, but here are two:

a baby shower invitation for my best friend

a t-shirt design commissioned by our church youth group, art directed by me

I am loving the design process for these events - each idea is very organic, and sometimes I find myself getting an idea after a night of sleep. It's quite refreshing to see them come to fruition with some sketching and reworking. My little notebook is filled with ideas, and some of them may not become a reality, but I like that other projects ride on the wake of those little thoughts. Sometimes it's difficult to be consistently creative and challenge yourself to think out of the box, especially when there is so much swirling around the internet. I feel blessed that there is so much creativity spilling forth right now. More to come!

pray for japan

I have a confession. I've been remiss in watching the news lately, though I've heard of and know the severity of the quake and tsunami, I couldn't bring myself to see the devastation for fear of becoming paranoid about a pending disaster here. But yesterday I really wanted to sit down and watch the videos and see the faces of the people I am praying for, so I pulled up the videos and just took it all in.

Sadness overwhelmed me, and I thought of all those who are looking for their loved ones in anticipation. I would never want that for anyone ... and I pray that in this time of sorrow and loss, that the Japanese people would find hope. Hope in God's great love and grace! May He hold them in His arms and give them strength to keep pressing on.

Praying for Japan like crazy.

image above from elderweiss

March 15, 2011

a little soundtrack: rolling in the deep

My daughter's middle name is Adele, and I am so glad that it evokes thoughts of the beautiful singer with the same name. Her voice is old school and classic, and I am really enjoying her new album, 21. Jazzy and funky with strong driving beats, it's an all around good time. Download it here.