February 20, 2009

country girl

It's great to take some time away from familiar surroundings and get inspiration from a new place. Especially for me, a girl from the suburbs. Back in November we visited a friend's farm just 30 minutes from here and it was amazing. Gathering eggs from their chickens, mucking out the pig pen, and picking fresh strawberries helps you realize what hard work goes into getting food onto our dinner tables. And colors are so vibrant! It really was so inspirational getting our hands dirty. Take a look at a few of the pics:

And the other day, our friend dropped off a dozen organic eggs from the farm for me. They were just so beautiful - green, white, and brown. And so yummy too! Can't wait to make an omelette with them. Just add a teaspoon of baking powder, whip 'em up and it's the best omelette ever.


  1. What a beautiful chicken :) and yummy looking strawberries too.


  2. i know, i never really thought chickens could be pretty until i saw this one. her name is savannah and she's a silkie! felt like a fluffy teddy bear.

  3. I am inspired by those strawberries (:

  4. strawberries in november?!
    those pigs are sooo cute
    btw, have you read The Omnivores Dilemma? I think you would enjoy it