February 11, 2009

some serious bling

I have a confession to make. I have a bit of a thing for jewelry ... I am willing to invest in a piece if I think it's worth it. Now it's not like I'm into the really the fancy-shmancy gems and jewels, but I do like organic pieces that make a statement. So when I saw these amazing necklaces - my jaw literally dropped. Stuh. Ning. I was going to make it into a collage, but then I thought, to appreciate these babies you really need to see the whole thing. I wanted to post the whole lot of them, but couldn't decide which ones were best. They are all gorgeous.

Created by Smallthings Studio in Portland, they are part of a line called Stone and Honey. And honey, these are works of art! My favorites are the medium and small agate pieces. The agate is riveted with fine metalworking -- usually either a pinwheel, honeycomb, feather or crystal formation and each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Oh. My. Gravy.

via Design for Mankind

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