March 17, 2009

a little soundtrack: a man, his cello, and my picks

I love listening to chill and laid-back music while I work on a project, and here are a few artists that have been on my playlist lately. The music is soothing and oh-so-inspiring. Might even put you to sleep! Well, hopefully you can stay awake long enough to hear the beauty of these artists.

Ben Sollee - This young man has a soulful voice to match the deep and beautiful sounds of his cello. Can't beat a guy who can play the cello and sing at the same time. "Learning to Bend" is the best name for an album I've heard in a while.

Kina Grannis
- I have been listening to her sing on her Youtube channel for a long time now, and for some reason have gotten hooked on her voice. Her guitar-playing abilities and spot-on covers are entertaining. And this last original song she performed sounds like she's floating the notes on a soft breeze ...

Joshua Radin - Joyful and happy, while being insightful and deep. Something about his music feels like trying on a brand new pair of Converse. Don't ask me why.

Brooke Fraser - Piano-driven songs with heart, this woman just gets what I'm thinking. Her melodies are infectious and you'll find yourself singing the line of a song hours later.

Justin Young - The spirit of aloha is woven in all his songs, and his voice is just so smooth. You can feel his laid-back island vibe, and it really keeps me grooving while I'm trying to get something done. This video is great, he's singing in the bathroom.

I'm going to leave you with a cover of Feist's 1234 by Kina, she's just great at these!

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