May 20, 2009

beaded fun

I saw these fun necklaces that were in the spring lookbook for Madewell, I want to try to make them myself sometime for the summer. They have a handmade feel that reminds me of this necklace I convinced my mother to buy when I was around 8 or 9 years old.

We were at the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale, which is like a gigantic yard sale and antique show, and I came across this colorful necklace which was made of all different wooden beads and various seeds and nutshells. It was pretty eccentric now that I think about it, but she still bought it. I saw it in her house the other day and couldn't believe she still had it.

Can you imagine what a fun project this would be? The necklaces are completely unbalanced, slightly off-kilter and perfectly imperfect.

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