May 14, 2009

companies with a conscience

The other day I saw this great TED talk about - tribes and leadership by Seth Godin (the techy blogger), He spoke about how groups of people can make change happen and lead movements. It was inspiring, and in the "I can make a difference" kind of way. As a side note, if you haven't listened to any TED talks before, you should!

And it made me think about the awesome drive and commitment of companies that feed more than our desire for beautiful things, but also our desire to help those in need. Because, really ... we're all in need of something - whether it's food, a home, someone to love, a life purpose, or even a sense of belonging.

That's why I love these pictures below from TOMS. Toms sees a need and meets a need! Toms was created by Blake Mycoskie, and for each pair of shoes sold, another pair is given to a child in need around the world. And if you purchase their shoes, and wear them on your feet, those shoes tell a story. I just love the innocence and joy of the children in their photos (taken on their shoe drop trip to South Africa). And the red-orange stripe on that shoe - so stylish!

And who wouldn't love these bright blue ones for summer? Or a sweet madras print. Buy 'em here.

Another company that seeks to do good unto others is Rosa Loves. This t-shirt company screen prints enough shirts to meet a specific need, and sells that entire edition of shirts until the goal is met. 60% of the price of the shirt goes toward the needs, and the other 40% goes into operation and goods. The shirts are designed with the need in mind, for instance, a recycled bike project is represented by a modern seafoam green shirt with a graphic bicycle print. My favorite is called "From the Heart" and is the classic Rosa Loves tee.

Companies like these are great examples of how to take creativity and make it truly impactful.

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  1. Yeah, I heard of Tom's sometime last year. I was in awe of their mission and even wrote them a nice email about how cool they were. I was hoping for a free pair of Tom's in return. Nope, that didn't happen.