May 13, 2009

what a clever idea!

I saw this adorably cute shirt dress tutorial for little girls on Sweet Juniper's blog from Dana Made It - and I am now convinced more than ever that I need to learn how to sew before I have kids! This tutorial takes a man's dress shirt from this:

And turns it into this super sweet little dress:

Perfect for birthday parties, the county fair, or even church. I love it. Look at this super preppy one made with the cuffs of the shirt, so lovely.

See the other dresses that have been made from this tutorial at the made shirt dress flickr pool.

Oh, I hope I have a girl ...

images via dana made it

1 comment:

  1. Ah, like the shirt dress. Just way TOO many directions on the tutorial for me. Anything more than 5 steps I get lost.

    Btw, you had brittle at your wedding? I didn't get any!!!