May 26, 2009

wonder boards: inspiring interiors

I've wanted to redo our master bedroom for a while, but since we aren't sure how long we'll be staying in our place I've decided to wait. Until then, here are a few ideas floating around in my head for the color palette and look of our room.

I've been collecting these photos for a while because I'm really drawn to the gray, caramel, and cream colors. The overall lightness of these rooms is so soothing. And that's definitely something I'd like to have for our room in the future. Currently our bedroom has a dark navy accent wall, which is great for sleeping, but doesn't make me want to relax there. We also have a black bed frame with a chocolate brown pleather headboard, which adds to the dark mood. Hope I'll get to do this makeover project soon and get my chillaxin' on!


  1. it looks so calm and spa-ish. i love the long windows and high ceilings in the top left photo, but really, who's fortunate enough to have a bedroom like that?!

  2. love the grays and neutrals!