June 18, 2009

desktop wallpaper love

Right now this fun image is on my desktop, it's so summery and I love it! I took it last weekend while I was holding 13 golden balloons in preparation for a graduation event. Very "Up-like" no? Click to see it larger and save it as your wallpaper if you like.
Here are two other shots that I took that day too.
If you'd like to download some really beautiful (and free) wallpapers, head over to Kindred to pick out a summery and lovely desktop wallpaper designed by some of the coolest artists and photographers out there. My favorite is this one by Blanca Gomez, who also has a super cute Etsy shop filled with sweet and simple prints. And there's another one of a quiet and serene diving board scene by photographer Alicia Bock. Yay for summer!

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