August 10, 2009

weekend delights

This weekend was fun. We attended a friend's wedding, visited my parents and fiddled with my dad's vintage camera collection (film! love!), spent Sunday afternoon with friends, and then made a simple dinner of cold soba noodles to enjoy. I love the simple moments in a busy weekend. Here are a few photos:

The soba noodles were on sale at the Korean market and they were organic (asian organic, get out of here) - and the packaging was just so appealing to me. You can't see it in the small version (click to see it larger), but they were the most beautiful colors and had this metallic star pattern printed on the package. It's the little things that keep me inspired. What little things inspire you?


  1. Oooh old school film cameras are the best! I love film. Digital will NEVER beat film (ok maybe it'll be a contradiction in 10 yrs).

    I love those Hakubaku soba and wheat noodles...I also bought them from the Korean market on sale, lol and was drawn to the simple logo as well..we're such suckers for the fine details, i love it! :D

  2. hey friend! that's our left hands :-P

  3. :) yes they are your left hands!