September 10, 2009

a little soundtrack: well, sorta

This past weekend was fun, we went to a Labor Day BBQ and spent time with friends. I totally forgot to document it, so it's one of those times when all you have is your memory to prove that the fun happened. Then this week was busy upon busy, and now it's practically over again. Odd.

I woke up feeling not so good today, not sure what it is, but I saw this video and it really lifted me up. It's been around the blogosphere for a bit, but even if you've seen it, it wouldn't hurt to see it again. Click on it to see it large, and then go for the HD and full screen. Then sit back and just marvel. My favorites are the rays - like angels flying through the water. It's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It stopped me in my tracks for the whole 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Yes, good soundtrack too - by Seattle band, Barcelona. Gives the song a whole new meaning.

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