April 29, 2010

linky loves for the week

Been reading some fun things this week in the blog world, and just thought I'd share the goodness!

I'm inspired - it's been years since I've had a Pop Tart. Why not try these ones?

A great post about how to find a good printing press - I love letterpress!

Such a beautiful house and what a cute baby and momma! Utterly adorable.

My husband is such a gamer and his influence on me is showing with the hilarity of this little guy. Bwaaaaahhhh!

I love the desert, and I love summer parties. These are oh-so-lovely and simple ideas for a summer soiree! I cannot wait for grillin' and chillin' season.

Mmmm can't wait for more online goodies next week. Share your links if you have any intriguing ones!

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