April 16, 2010

walk all over me + crisp white

We've been very busy spending the last 2 weeks getting our condo ready to list on the market and now it's up! I'm a bit sad, but also happy that we did it! To put some finishing touches on the house, I made some quick runs to Marshalls and TJ Maxx Home Goods for some accessories and other fun home decor items. I bought this cherry blossom coir doormat from Cost Plus World Market - even though I don't like coir! It sheds too easily. Does anyone have suggestions for cute alternatives? This one will do for now with it's cute simple blooms, but I am dreading the little pieces that are going to come off of it and litter my front porch!

And then I bought this adorable striped bath mat from Marshalls for $10 - with all the colors of our bathroom in it! Chocolate brown, seafoam green, bright white, and light turquoise with a pop of bright green. Super cute. I was on a mission for rugs, I think.

And to top it all off I bit the bullet and bought a great king sheet set for $30 in white -- which I was always hesitant to purchase for fear that it would get dirty, but they look crisp and clean. For the future, I will now always invest in some classic white sheets! I think my hesitancy stemmed from the advice my mother gave about not buying clothes, sheets or towels in white ...

We're waiting to see if anyone will bid on our place in this market, but I really do love our cozy home and will be sad to part with it. We'll see what happens!

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  1. I want to get some white sheets too! I have the same hesitancy from my mom too haha ... sounds like it's worth going for tho. :D

    Hope the house will get a great offer!