April 20, 2011


I've been a big fan of photographer Jamie Beck since discovering her beautiful tumblr blog, From Me to You over a year ago. Recently she started creating these photo + video combinations that she calls cinemagraphs, which are totally awesome animated gifs. But about 200 times better. Remember those horribly garish ones from the 90's? Yeah, these are not like those at all.

They are still photographs with objects or subjects that subtly move and give way to a moment in time. It is super brilliant and so interesting. I think it's innovative and I wonder if other photographers are going to pick up on it! See the collection of cinemagraphs here, and read an interview with Jamie and her fiance Kevin about the concept here. Beware, it does take a little time to load the gifs, but it is very worth it. And some of them will creep you out, they are so real.

Here are two of my favorites (look at her skirt in the second one!).

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