July 9, 2009

letterpress cards sale

One of my favorite letterpress shops is having an online sample sale that ends this Sunday! Just $10 for 10 different cards - a mix of their letterpress and offset printed loveliness. Isn't that awesome? Just $1 per card! The greatest part that it's always a surprise what you end up getting. I got 20 cards last time and had a variety of cards and envelopes I could use for every occasion.

Father's Day, new baby, new home, love, birthday, thinking of you, missing you, thank you and a whole bunch of whimsical ones that had blank insides so I could make my own message. So awesome - and it's a great compared to buying a $3 Hallmark card every time someone has a birthday. And unique too! Shop the sale here.

Watch their fun video and get a glimpse of the letterpress process.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks a lot Alison -- you just made me spend money. :)