July 13, 2009

wonder foodie: a delicious summer

So far it has been a summer of delicious food and lovely company - I love that we get to grill, and I think it is by far my favorite season for this reason. Followed closely by the holidays, of course. We had a little picnic in the park with grilled ahi tuna sandwiches (marinated simply in lemon juice, salt and pepper) and orzo with asparagus, sweet corn, and tomatoes. Then a meal of dry-rubbed pork, grilled corn, a mozzarella basil and tomato with orzo salad, broccoli slaw, and carmelized pineapple (not pictured).

And then I had a simple (free) lunch, that I jazzed up with spring greens, dijon mustard and a side of edamame! Mmm yum. And since the hubba loves having cheese and crackers as an appetizer to our meals, I found this wonderful sharp cheddar from New Zealand at Trader Joe's. Cut that up with some crackers and you've got yourself a scrumptious starter. Awwww yes.

And I can't forget my favorite summer food - strawberries! I had some leftover from a farmer's market trip and they were getting a bit overripe. So I added some sugar, let them sit in the fridge overnight, and pureed them. Then I mixed the puree with some freshly whipped cream and topped some almond & vanilla cupcakes a la this recipe. Very light and so easy to make. I think I ate two in one sitting. Hope you're having a tasty summer!

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