October 29, 2009

the happiest day: four years later

Here's to the past four years of fun, laughter, and growth. When I look back on my wedding, there are so many things that I would have done differently, but they all have to do with decor or implementation. The heart and soul of it, the marriage itself, is something I would never change. It's crazy to think that the love you had on the day you were married could grow deeper and stronger over time.

When I said my vows, I don't think I realized what I was really saying or how much I would have to commit. I was saying "I Do" to much more than romance, silliness, or emotion. It was an "I Do" to endure. To love unconditionally even in times when I feel as if I can't muster it. It has become so apparent to me that love is a choice, a need, and a gift.

And I really owe learning this lesson to God and my hubba. Thank you for four years, here's to the next ten.

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