December 6, 2009

a lovely holiday

Just watched The Holiday again tonight on television, and it reminded me of how much I loved the set interiors when I first saw the movie. The sets of Nancy Meyers movies are comfortable, homey, elegant, and peaceful - I just want to flop onto one of those sofas and veg out. And the huge windows with the light streaming through them, really gorgeous. Take a look at a few of the set screen shots from The Holiday and Something's Gotta Give, I love them for home decor inspiration.

The Holiday
Something's Gotta Give
Also notable is this very sweet clip of the scene between Jude Law's character and Cameron Diaz's character with his two daughters in the movie. These little English girls steal the whole scene! And I love how proper they are. It's completely endearing! So heartwarming - perfect for the holidays. Enjoy!


  1. Nice inspiration! :D Are you planning to incorporate any of these at your place?

  2. Thanks Matt! We probably won't do this at our current place, but these photos will definitely be an inspiration for a future home! :) We'll invite you over to enjoy it!

  3. Sweet. Can't wait to see it! :)