December 2, 2009

wonder foodie: eating with your eyes first

One of my new favorite websites to browse for delicious dishes is Tastespotting. You can type in a search for anything from chocolate chip cookies to roasted chicken and it will come up with delectable snapshots of food photos for you to pick from. Then it will link you to the food blog that the photo came from, and the recipe for that dish.

Isn't that amazing? Talk about eating with your eyes first ... what better way to figure out what you'd like to try cooking next? The image above is a simple berry souffle recipe that you can find here. I think I'll be trying my hand at these soon, since I just bought some brown organic eggs at Target on sale. Side note, the Target near us just reopened and it is 180,000 square feet of Targety goodness. Fresh produce and meat? Frozen food section that lights up when it senses someone is near? Get out of here!

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