February 11, 2010

humanitarian photography

Recently I received an amazing book from a good buddy that showcased the photography of Jeremy Cowart as he traveled around the world with the Passion World Tour to 17 cities across the globe to celebrate their shared faith. The images are stunning, as they capture the spirit of the nations they visited - the faces, the people, the hearts of many enraptured in true joy as they worshiped the God of the universe.

It brought to mind the good that photography can do. Transporting individuals like us in America, to the hard truth and amazing hope that is alive in other nations. Beyond our entitlement, success, busyness, and materialism - there is something else. I felt it when I was in South Africa almost 5 years ago, and it really crept into my heart and underneath my skin. It really snaps me back into reality when I am too full of myself and this American existence. Since then I've been reminded to be conscious of this often, and it is more apparent when you are faced with photos that speak of it ... loudly and clearly. You may recall that I was drawn to these photos from the TOMS shoe drop - and little did I know that it was the work of humanitarian photographer Esther Havens. While clicking around the web one day, I came upon her site and blog and was touched by the images I saw. Take a look (click to see them larger), and I hope you're encouraged to be more grateful, less busy, and hopeful. Not in a cliched, feel good kind of way -- but with true, heartfelt understanding of others around the world. Go to her site to click on more countries and see more photos.

images via awakening the book and esther havens

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