May 27, 2009

wonder foodie: sweet strawberries

I truly enjoy shopping at the farmers market on Saturdays. It's something of a guilty pleasure when I get to go, usually I sleep in a bit and slowly get ready for the day. We hop into the car, bring the dog with us, and decide on the way there where we'd like to eat afterward. Perusing the stalls is a feast for the eyes, even though some say our market is smaller than others they've seen. Some of our favorite things to purchase are oranges, fresh herbs (like mint, parsley, chives, basil), roasted corn, fresh naan bread, and strawberries. Oh, the strawberries.

I recently discovered a farm stall that is now my favorite - they specialize in berry varietals, and strawberry is a major crop. And it shows. Yerena Farms, or FeNella Organic has the sweetest strawberries I've tasted. And the best part is that they sell all over the Bay Area, even at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. The thing about fresh food that is so inspiring, is the hard work and knowledge that it took for that taste to be delivered to our mouths. To hear about some of the ins and outs of farming, check out this audio interview with Poli Yerena of Yerena Farms.

My appreciation for farmers grew even more after visiting our friend's farm. So as I enjoy berries this week, I'll be reminded of the labor of the farmers that picked them. And aren't the berries just plain beautiful in the spring sun?

Forgive the missing basket in the photo above, that was due to the one I bought!

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  1. they were tasty strawberries. eat with pretty forks with our names on them.