July 21, 2009

bike love by urban outfitters

In the last few years, it seems like everything old is new again -- fashion trends are coming back around (leggings, harem pants?!), crafts are returning to the old techniques (letterpress, screen printing by hand!) and old pastimes are being revisited. Urban Outfitters is jumping back in time by bringing a new spin to a favorite pastime, biking! They are partnering with Republic Bike to customize and build bikes. The colors are brilliant and the combinations are modern and vintage all at the same time. You pick the colors of the handlebars, seat, wheels, rims, chain, and frame - and you can make it look just like you want it for $399.

I have such fond memories of biking through my neighborhood with the wind blowing and my heart racing. We always had hand-me-downs but they were wonderful. So two years ago, I bought my first new bike. A pearl white Raleigh. Fun fun fun. Go check these fun bikes out in their gallery.


  1. i loooove vintage looking bikes! i had a hand-me-down that was in this style, dark orange with retro looking flowers. i loved it! too bad my mom probably gave it away, it would've been nice to ride it around Pasadena!

    btw, nice eye with fringe Louboutins you saw from The Sartorialist! i must've seen that photo awhile back too, and forgot all about it!

  2. do post photos of the new shoes!! piperlime.com has free returns, no?