July 16, 2009

brought to you by the letter g

One of my old roomies from college (Lori) is pregnant with her first child, so Es and I got together to plan her a shower. It's coming up quickly, so we had to get invitations done in a hurry. Something economical and not typical "pastel baby shower" was in order.

I had lots of white cardstock at home, so it gave me a good starting point. I definitely felt inspired because we could come up with a very modern baby theme. Before designing anything, I like to come up with a color scheme first, so I visited one of my favorite websites, Adobe Kuler. This is a site that allows you to try out, browse, or create your own color palettes. It's so much fun! You can even upload a photo and it will give you a color scheme that draws upon the colors in the photo. This is a great tool for deciding on party colors, your house colors, or even fashion choices. Lori had wanted all ocean colors, so I came up with a few palettes for her to choose from by typing in the keywords "ocean" and "sea" in Kuler. This is the one we finally settled on:

To break it up a bit, I thought we should add some yellow accents for a pop of fun. So here is the simple design that plays on all these colors:Here is the logo close-up - I really loved all the colors overlapping one another with a kaleidoscope kind of effect, and the striped type made it fun and lighthearted. It came from Dafont.com and it's called Lane. A beautifully simple typeface with clean lines. The other font I used was Champagne and Limousines (what a name!).

Then I found some vellum envelopes on sale at Paper Source, and thought that they'd be neat if I printed on them, but the only problem would be privacy! I didn't want people to be able to read the address, so I came up with a paper cover of sorts so the logo could still peek through. Here are some other photos of the invitation:

Overall, I really hope that Lori and Chris like it and that it conveys their style. And there are lots of other fun goodies in store for the shower! Can't wait!


  1. I love this post. I like it when you post about your crafty ventures! I only wish I could I could take pictures of the shower!

  2. wow, that's a neat baby shower invite!! you should start creating stuff like this and selling it on etsy or something : )

    the shoes i think were suede...yeah, they were a good deal but i went over my budget for the month, so no more spending for me! : P i almost died when i was at UO though, their sales were unbelieveable!

  3. sweet design! :D looks really professional ... you should start your own design company.

  4. Thanks for all the great encouragement! I had a lot of fun designing this one!