October 15, 2009

midweek crafting: diy fabric poppies

After a hard day at work, sometimes I want to unwind, and the television just doesn't help. Yesterday was one of those days, so I did a bit of crafting. I made these fabric poppies out of this old pillow fabric from our couch. It felt so good to just make something with my own two hands after being on the computer for the entire day. And they are so simple to create! I think I'll turn them into a necklace or attach them to bobby pins. I made them with things I already had, like a bracelet from H&M made of wooden beads that I took apart. Here are the materials you need:
- polyester fabric
- candle
- beads
- thread and needle
- scissors

And that's it! Gotta love a little midweek craft time. Does anyone want a poppy hair pin? Leave a comment and I'll send you one!