October 14, 2009

remodel: home and life

I have been up to my ears in remodeling - picking paint samples, numerous trips to the hardware stores for this and that, learning how to properly spackle, how to do demolition without ripping holes in walls, and how to seal granite (three times already!).

We're upgrading our kitchen and bathrooms and it's our first foray into home improvement. So far, so good. It's coming together slowly, and there are lots of little things to accomplish. I realize how much it is causing me to rethink how much I truly need materially, and what luxuries I'm able to enjoy. You don't think about how nice it is to have hot running water until you don't have it. And that makes me more grateful.

It's remodeling my perspective too, you could say.

All in all, I'm glad for this experience and hopeful that the next people to enjoy our place will like the details we've picked out. I mean, it took me a week to make sure I picked the right kitchen color! Can't wait for it to be done, then I'll post a real before and after shot.

1 comment:

  1. niiiice!! I was wondering how it went. I totally agree with the material thingy. I'm in a cleaning/organizing mood lately and I really appreciate a simple life. you don't need all the material in the world to make you happy. Can't wait to see the end result of your labor :-)