October 12, 2009

wonder foodie: making mallows

Ohhh yes, we did it! Last weekend, my sister and I took a day to tackle the delicious task of making the drool-worthy Neapolitan marshmallows that I blogged about earlier. And the result? Amazing bites of soft, fluffy and light-as-air marshmallows with three different layers of flavor.

This wasn't my first encounter with the homemade confection, but definitely results in a huge batch of sweets. I made marshmallows two Christmases ago from this Design*Sponge article, and those marshmallows were very small, much like mini marshmallows that you'd find at the grocery store. This recipe from Brownie Points blog made such a generous serving, I'll probably halve the recipe next time around. I highly recommend this recipe, and suggest investing in a candy thermometer and a Kitchenaid mixer.

Marshmallows are a deceptively simple sweet to make, and I think it's waiting for the sugar to get to the right temperature that's the hard part! We really enjoyed this process and enjoyed giving them out to people afterward since the three full batches made so much. Great for a party favor or little Christmas treats with packets of hot cocoa. Note to self: next time add a bit of pink food coloring to the strawberry to give it that true Neapolitan look. I love that we really did this ourselves and I didn't have to purchase them on Etsy. Yay!

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